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Architecture Republic is a firm of talented young designers with a passion for architecture, sustainability and beautiful spaces. From the big to the small, we aim to equip Australia’s homes and businesses for an uncertain future.

From initial concept through to the finished product, we work with you to realise your dream, make it work, and make it green. We think sustainability is for everyone. From simple extensions to multi-unit or commercial, green design is better design.

We have a great network of professionals and consultants, designers and draftspeople who make the perfect team to help you through the design, approval and construction process.

Project profiles

Green Renovation, Canberra

Canberra, ACT, 2014

This Canberra house wasn't the typical 'govvie' style; it was designed by an architect in the 1970's. Over time, the beautiful and practical features of the house had been lost. Some of the house's issues were not the fault of the original design. The way we live has changed fundamentally. Our clients wanted to retain the history of the house but open it up and remove some of the wasteful circulation space to create more room to live. They didn't want a larger house, but a more practical, greener home that suited their lifestyle. As such, we re-connected their living spaces, enlarged the kitchen by removing its surrounding corridors and maximised the useability of the house without the need for an extension. This renovation brought new life to a cluttered and dark building without losing its history. Our clients commented that their home went from somewhere they were itching to move away from, to somewhere they would struggle to leave.

R C Mesley Vet Hospital

Cooma, NSW, 2014

Snowy Vets' new R.C. Mesley Animal Hospital is a project we recently collaborated on with Kydra Designs. Developed in close consultation with Snowy Vets' Mike Mesley, the design was crafted from his careful mapping of their optimum workflow and his philosophy of health, sustainability, quality, compassion, and professionalism. Clinical requirements are merged with earthiness and warmth to provide an unintimidating and natural place for pets to visit. Strong connections to the landscape allow for natural ventilation and easy access to the beautiful surroundings Monaro grasslands. The building incorporates a range of green design techniques, technologies and materials creating a cutting edge contemporary building while also achieving the beauty and warmth the owners were looking for. High-quality, high-performance Binq windows sit comfortably alongside natural materials such as rammed earth and recycled timber. Careful planning and orientation takes advantage of views while encouraging cross ventilation and soaking up winter sun. A polished concrete floor provides appropriate hygiene, provides thermal mass to be warmed by the sun, and solar-powered hydronic slab heating. The rammed earth walls allow for diurnal heat exchange. The Hospital is an inspiring workplace, warm and welcoming to the public, and a valuable addition to Cooma and the community.

Canberra Extension

Canberra, ACT, 2015

Primarily a kitchen extension, this project aimed to bring the scale of the kitchen in to line with the rest of the house. Our other aim was to connect both the kitchen and the adjoining dining space with the backyard to allow inside/outside living and provide more natural light.

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